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Always up-to-date discounts, a wide range of RV's for every taste & a wealth of accessories to make your trip even more enjoyable.
It's time to become the master of your journey, get rid of reservations, crowded places and nervousness with BM Transport Camper rental.

Feel it's about time to reconnect with nature? Do you imagine drinking your first morning coffee bathed in the rays of the sun endlessly enjoying the view of untouched nature? All this doesn't just have to be a figment of your imagination, it's just a click away from you - bring your dreams to life with BM Transport camper rental!

Would you like to go back to your childhood at least for a moment and relive your favorite adventures locked in your memory?
Would you like your children to feel the charms of nature and connect with them in the way that only nature can help you do it? Rent an camper and you will not regret not even a moment!

Let's admit, we all have a long list of magical places both in our beautiful country and beyond, which we have been planning to visit for years. It's time for action! Enough delay! With BM Transport RV rental, every item on the list will be checked out and you will have many unique experiences.

We Make A Delivery For RV/Camper Rental

You have planned the perfect trip with RV, bookmarked places to visit, have your route in your little finger and are more than ready to embark on an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life! But ... you forgot that you would have to take over your rented camper vehicle and that stresses you!
- No problem! BM Transport camper rental has done its best to help you deal with this type of stress by offering a special delivery service for your chosen camper at the agreed address at the agreed time!
We also deliver delivery for the rental of RV's also at the Airports - "Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade, "Constantine the Great" in Niš and "Morava" in Kraljevo.
Delivery of the rental camper is charged from 50-100 € and is possible after payment into the account.

Modern campers

Are you planing a family trip any time soon? You're in the right place! All of our rental RV's are family friendly and have all the functionalities of modern camper's that are perfect for your adventure!

Always ongoing special discounts!

Despite the best rental rates for camper's in Serbia we did our best to offer you fantastic seasonal discounts and there's a special discounts if you're renting camper for couple of days!


To make your experience with BM Transport camper rental vehicle even more enjoyable, you can also rent something from our extensive range of accessories that we have prepared just for you.

Terms of camper rental

Your trust is one of our priorities!
For this reason, we have made every effort to ensure that all rental conditions are transparent, clear and free from small lines and hidden costs.

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